Who Wrote Mother Letters?

mother letters, letter to motherWhat do a new mom of one, a NY Times Best-selling author, a mama who speaks on behalf of her child, or a photographer who’s just starting her business have in common?

These and all the mothers lending their pens to Mother Letters share their hearts, their journey, their mess and glory of motherhood in the pages of Mother Letters.

Why would they take the time to encourage you? Because they care about you. They understand what it’s like. They relate to the complexities and beauty of being a mother.

And they wanted you to have this compilation of encouragement for the 2am feedings, the confusing teen years, the moments when you wonder if you are good enough or just plain crazy. {They can relate to all of it . . .and the moments in between.}

Mother Letters was written for you, from one mother to another. You were at the heart of each letter, love pouring out for you with encouragement, so you can better embrace and express the art that you are curating and creating each day with your children and your family.

Meet each of the Mothers.