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mother letters ebook, mother's day gift, last minute mother's day giftMother Letters is art in the form of stories, letters and photos from many hearts to yours. Words and images heard and understood in the soul, now articulated about every stage of motherhood.

Mothers are curators. These letters are about capturing the messy, glorious masterpieces that you are creating. God-Art is in the person and the stories lived there.

Find joy and comfort in this collection. Feel strengthened, empowered. It’s a mosaic of authentic life, a living poem. Together, we are encouraged.

What others are saying about Mother Letters. . .

“A beautiful gallery of mama-stories from the mothers to the mothers. . .a slice of her mother-life, and the flavor is usually both bittersweet and familiar. This book is a treat.”Penelope Parker

“I’ve been reading little nuggets as I feed my baby, loving the poetry in the letters and the photos. It’s spurred me on in the crazy days, the way too short nights and full life. A little wind in my sails. It is my new book to give to moms.”Breanne

“It’s refreshing and energizing and soul-lifting. I highly recommend this book for any mom, of any age. You read, and when you are done, you feel like you are part of a community, and it’s SO good!”Amy

“Whether we’ve physically given birth, adopted, mentored, or just related to our own mothers, we’ve all got thoughts on motherhood. I can’t get enough of these letters. These words make me braver, make me cry a little, and make me grateful. Highly recommend.”Lora Lynn


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* Since the launch of Mother Letters, we’ve had many requests for a print version. We’d love to see that be the next step for this beautiful book too. We’re looking into that for the future and will keep you updated on what’s happening. For now, your purchase of the ebook will help make that a reality. Thanks again for your support! — Squee!